Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where to catch a Cubchoo in Pokemon Black and White 2

Anyone who's gotten to the end of Pokemon Black and White 2 understands the importance of having a pokemon that can trounce dragon-types in their teams, and that makes ice-types a good choice for wading into the final parts of the game. Ice-types are depressingly difficult to find in this new version, however, as their old haunt - Twist Mountain - is closed until you BEAT the champion. What's to be done if you want a Cubchoo to evolve into a fearsome Beartic?

Fortunately, there are two ways to snag a Cubchoo beyond Twist Mountain. In fact, they don't appear in Twist Mountain at all! And, conveniently, both methods can be found on Route 7.

- The first, easier method for getting a Cubchoo is to check Route 7 in the winter. When the snows are high they'll appear fairly regularly in the grass. If you don't feel like waiting, you can always reset your DS' internal clock to a wintery month.

- The second, much more difficult method is via Route 7's Hidden Grotto. Proceed north towards Twist Mountain until you find the second house where you can bed down and recover. The grotto is accessible via the two trees directly to the left of the house, close to the ramp up to the narrow beams. The chances of getting a Cubchoo here are exceedingly small, however, and it's much smarter to just reset your internal clock.