Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where to catch a Durant in Pokemon Black and White 2

Durants are capable bug- and steel-type pokemon, though they didn't serve well as early team pokemon in Black and White because, unfortunately, they didn't show up until you were most of the way through the main game, appearing on Victory Road. The same is still true in Pokemon Black and White 2.

Durant appears in two places in Pokemon Black and White 2:

- First, Durant appears in Twist Mountain. Simply wander around the caves for a while and one will eventually pop up.

- And, second, Durant appears in the Clay Tunnel, most easily accessed in Driftveil City. Wander and one will appear.

The rub? Both of these locations are opened after you beat the Elite Four for the first time. Once again, Durant is given the shaft during the main game. Sorry!