Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to find an Exp. Share in Pokemon Black and White 2

Exp. Shares are practically a standard when it comes to training weaker pokemon, and they have been since virtually the first generation (though in a slightly different form). Pokemon Black and White 2 continues the tradition with a few more Exp. Shares to stick on your pokemon. So where are they?

There are two Exp. Shares to be found in Pokemon Black and White 2. They're in the following locations:

- The first is in Castelia City's Battle Company building, just as in Pokemon Black and White. There is a slight change, however, in that you get the Exp. Share immediately upon entering the building and approaching the elevator, rather than after you beat the strongest trainer on the top floor. The Battle Company is the last large building to the left on Castelia's front block.

- The second is in Floccesy Town, though you can't get it until you've beaten Benga in either Black City or White Forest, depending on your version of the game. Conquer Black Tower or Whitehollow Tree and you'll can find Benga in Floccesy Town, where he'll hand over an Exp. Share (and a shiny pokemon to boot).

Any other Exp. Shares you'll need will have to come from other Pokemon games.