Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to find a Moon Stone in Pokemon Black and White 2

Normally found in great abundance in Pokemon titles, Moon Stones are surprisingly rare in Pokemon Black and White 2. There are only two places to find a Moon Stone in the entire game - perhaps because evolving pokemon via Moon Stones isn't as much of a priority in the fifth generation - and, unlike most of the other evolutionary stones, buying one in the Pokemon World Tournament isn't an option.

The two Moon Stones are found in the following locations:

- The first is on Route 6, and is relatively easy to locate. Head to the Season Research Lab, just a little ways south from Chargestone Cave, and you'll find the item ball just outside the building.

- The second is in the Giant Chasm. The first time you visit the chasm you'll find a bunch of Team Plasma grunts fighting it out with Rood. North of here there's an item ball in the trees. The Moon Stone is even further north from this item, which is a Quick Claw.

If you're looking for more than two Moon Stones, you'll have to trade from another Pokemon title.