Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to find a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Black and White 2

Lucky Eggs are staple items for players who want to ramp up their levelling rates. When equipped to a pokemon a Lucky Egg will provide an extra 1.5x experience after a successful battle. Add that onto a traded pokemon, which already gets extra experience, and you've got a substantial bump in experience. So how do you find a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Black and White 2?

There are two ways to get one in the game:

- The first is to proceed through the game until you reach the Celestial Tower, north of Mistralton Town. Inside, whether you challenge Skyla first or not, you'll find Professor Juniper waiting on the first floor. Talk to her and she'll give you a Lucky Egg.

- The second, unfortunately, is through trading. Lucky Eggs are normally otherwise found on wild pokemon, or in Pokemon Black and White, through another event with Professor Juniper (in Chargestone Cave) or by talking to the Treasure Hunter on Route 13 and getting lucky. If you want to get a Lucky Egg from a wild pokemon, find a game that has wild Happinys or Chanceys, and catch as many as you can find. One will eventually have a Lucky Egg.

As of yet, aside from cheating, there is no other way to get a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Black and White 2. Whether that will remain true forever is currently unknown.