Monday, October 22, 2012

How to find a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Black and White 2

As ever, evolutionary stones are a little difficult to find in Pokemon Black and White 2. Leaf Stones are no exception, especially now that they can no longer be found in dust clouds. There are three places you can track one down:

 - The first is on Route 7, north of Mistralton City. Travel towards the Celestial Tower and you'll combat several trainers in the tall grass just south of the tower. Not far from one of the preschoolers is an item ball containing a Leaf Stone.

 - The second is in Lostlorn Forest, just north of Route 16 outside Nimbasa City. Head through the grass until you reach an open area and search it for trainers and items. One item is a Leaf Stone.

 - The last method is to participate in the Pokemon World Tournament. Accumulate three battle points and you can buy a Leaf Stone.

 Beyond that, you'll have to trade from other games. Happy hunting!