Monday, October 22, 2012

How to find a Fire Stone in Pokemon Black and White 2

Fire-type pokemon love them some evolvin', and many of them require a Fire Stone to make the final push into adult life. Where can you track down these elusive stones in Pokemon Black and White 2? There are three sources:

- The first is in Lentimas Town. When you first arrive you'll be on an air strip. Go northeast along it until you find a small gap in the fencing. Go through and up onto the bluffs to find the Fire Stone.

- The second is in the Desert Resort outside Nimbasa City. Head to the far west wall of the resort and you'll find an area surrounded by rocks and inaccessible cliffs. Go inside and activate your Dowsing Machine. It will steer you to a small niche in the southeast of this small area. The Fire Stone is hidden in the sand here.

- The only other way to get Fire Stones directly from Pokemon Black and White 2 is to compete in the Pokemon World Tournament. Fire Stones cost three Battle Points each.

Beyond this, you'll have to trade from other Pokemon games to get Fire Stones.