Monday, October 22, 2012

How to find a Water Stone in Pokemon Black and White 2

Unlike several of the other evolutionary stones in Pokemon Black and White 2, there are only two places where you can snag Water Stones. Neither are particularly difficult, but the second will require a bit more work than simply wading through landscape.

 - The first Water Stone is the earliest you'll see, but you can't get it until much later in the game. Once you have a pokemon with Surf, travel to Floccesy Town and head onto Route 19 to the west. You'll soon see a patch of water. Surf northwest along it and you'll see an item ball in a small alcove. This is the Water Stone.

 - The second Water Stone, and all subsequent Water Stones, can only be found at the Pokemon World Tournament. Each one costs three Battle Points, so you'll have to get into some competitions before you can buy one.

 Any other Water Stones will have to be traded from other versions of Pokemon.