Monday, October 22, 2012

How to find a Thunderstone in Pokemon Black and White 2

Thunderstones have gotten a little more difficult to locate in Pokemon Black and White 2, though there are still enough to satisfy most players. They can be found in the following three locations:

 - The first Thunderstone, possibly the easiest to locate, is in Nimbasa City. Head to the Pokemon Center and pull out your Dowsing Machine. It will point you to the left side of the Pokemon Center. Check the ground one space away from the top of the sign for the stone.

 - The second, predictably, is in Chargestone Cave. Proceed through the cave until you reach B2F. It's near the end of the floor, north of an ace trainer who's close to the chasm that dominates the south of the region.

 - The third requires some league battling, as you can only get it at the Pokemon World Tournament (as well as any others you might require). Collect three Battle Points and you can trade them for a Thunderstone.

 Beyond these three sources, Thunderstones must be traded in from previous games.